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Independent Verification Guidelines - Generator Efficiency Standards

Independent Verification Guidelines Cover

Australian Greenhouse Office, Department of the Environment and Heritage
December 2006

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The Greenhouse Challenge Plus programme is a cooperative partnership between industry and the Australian Government that aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve energy efficiency, integrate greenhouse issues into business decision-making, and deliver consistent reporting of greenhouse gas emissions levels. The programme builds on the success of Greenhouse Challenge and incorporates two other industry-focused measures Greenhouse Friendly™ and Generator Efficiency Standards (GES). Central to all three measures is Independent Verification which aims to ensure Greenhouse Challenge Plus is based on accurate information in relation to greenhouse gas emissions and other elements of the programme. Where applicable, if participants are Greenhouse Challenge Plus members, a Greenhouse Challenge Plus verification will be undertaken at the same time as the GES verification.

Members of Greenhouse Challenge Plus, including GES participants, are encouraged to demonstrate a strong corporate commitment to reducing greenhouse emissions. As part of the Greenhouse Challenge Plus programme, GES aims to reduce the greenhouse intensity of electricity supply. GES provides participants with the opportunity to work with Government to undertake identified efficiency measures that will move their operations towards best practice in fossil fuelled electricity generation.

Independent verification assists Members to continuously improve the information on which they base decisions about the management and reporting of greenhouse gas emissions. Independent verification also strengthens the credibility of Greenhouse Challenge Plus.

These guidelines detail the verification issues specific to GES and complements the Greenhouse Challenge Plus Independent Verification Guidelines which outline independent verification issues for Members not involved in GES.

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