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Coca Cola Amatil

Reducing Downtime



The Coca Cola Amatil plant manufactures and bottles soft drink beverages for sale under the Coca Cola Company labels.

Waste management focus

Analysis of the results of the benchmarking program undertaken by the company identified unscheduled maintenance of the plant as a significant productivity cost to the company, as well as costly in wastes and spare parts.

Waste management program

The opportunity to develop a better planned maintenance system was developed with production operators, through Team Based Maintenance introduced at Coca Cola Amatil over 1998-99. Team Based Maintenance involves the production and maintenance teams working together to reduce the amount of downtime caused by breakdowns.

The main areas targeted were machine lubrication and minor adjustments - maintenance tasks for which production operators were trained and assessed as competent. An early project related to the operation of labelling equipment, chosen because it had the lowest (30 per cent) efficiency of all equipment within the plant.


By scheduling preventive maintenance (work on equipment to keep it in good working order) and planned maintenance (such as modifying and customising equipment to suit our product and processes), time spent on breakdown maintenance was reduced from 52 per cent to 11 per cent in an eight-month period. Involvement of operators in maintenance through improved skilling has dramatically reduced line downtime as well as resulting in lower maintenance costs.

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Focus by afternoon-shift employees on lubricating the labellers resulted in a 74 per cent decrease in downtime within one month of the introduction of Team Based Maintenance. In addition, replacing imported knife blades with locally manufactured blades generated immediate monetary saving; and further substantial savings in allowing CCA to resharpen these blades in-house at minimal cost.

Labelling equipment: machine downtime

The benefit of improved maintenance scheduling lies mainly in increased machine uptime and resultant increased production efficiency. For the labelling machines the reduced downtime has had the following cost benefits.


Costs Savings
____________________________  ____________________________

Operator training costs $2,000 Uptime gained $75,000
Waste saved $64,700
Total costs $2,000 Total annual savings $139,700
____________________________ ____________________________

The return on investment occurred within one week!

Next Stage

The initial work has shown huge results with minimal work; the next step is to set further targets to continually improve processes.


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This case study was prepared by the Department of Innovation, Industry and Regional Development, Victoria. Environment Australia would like to thank them for allowing us to display their case study on our web site.