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Business Sustainability: A cleaner production approach to small business management

Student Manual

Environment Australia
October 2000
ISBN 0642547149

Business Sustainability: Session 7 - Team Rules

Objective of this Session To consider a number of team performance issues and to reach consensus on how those issues will be addressed in the team
The following topics will be covered in this session
Team process

Team Process


The following questions raise team process issues (team rules) that are crucial to the effectiveness of the team and the success of the project.

Class Activity

Objective: to discuss critical team issues and to reach consensus on a structure and set of rules for your team. The purpose of this session is to achieve effective teamwork during the project.

Discuss (within your team) the following questions, and consider how your answers apply to your team. Most of the 1-hour session should be allocated to discussion of these four questions.

  1. "Leaderless teams under-perform and rarely deliver on time". Is this your experience? What responsibilities will the leader of your team have?
  2. "Teams work best when everyone knows clearly what is expected of them, and the work is shared equally". If you agree with this statement, how will you achieve this in your team?
  3. How will your team deal with a team member who doesn't meet agreed deadlines, or does work of a poor standard?
  4. What potential problems are evident in your team from your working together on these three questions?