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Key departmental publications, e.g. annual reports, budget papers and program guidelines are available in our online archive.

Much of the material listed on these archived web pages has been superseded, or served a particular purpose at a particular time. It may contain references to activities or policies that have no current application. Many archived documents may link to web pages that have moved or no longer exist, or may refer to other documents that are no longer available.

Low Emissions Technology and Abatement - Strategic Abatement (LETA-SA)

The objective of the Australian Government's $1.75 million Low Emissions Technology and Abatement - Strategic Abatement (LETA-SA) programme is to achieve cost effective abatement at the community level. The programme is funding a range of activities that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and demonstrate innovation in delivering abatement within the community.

The grants will operate from 2006-08, and no future funding under the LETA-SA programme is proposed.

LETA-SA Projects

City of Marion Energy Efficient Community Buildings ($96,000)

This project will provide energy efficiency upgrades for 27 council-owned community buildings and facilities. The aim of the project is to improve energy efficiency of these facilities via lighting, heating and cooling upgrades within the Marion community.
LOCATION: Marion, South Australia

PepperGreen Farm Community PV Array Education Project ($20,000)

This project is a partnership between Bendigo Access Employment's PepperGreen Farm (a community sustainability park) and the Weeroona College Energy Breakthrough project (low impact transport using renewable energy). The photovoltaic (PV) array will provide an educational demonstration of a portable renewable energy source.
LOCATION: Bendigo, Victoria

Noosa Eco-Efficiency Business Programme (Stage 2) ($33,000)

The project aims to improve the environmental sustainability of businesses within Noosa Shire by helping them to determine their environmental impact and identifying actions they can take to both improve their environmental performance and their profitability.
LOCATION: Noosa, Queensland

Little Yarra Retrofit for Synergy Project ($100,000)

Little Yarra is a Kindergarten to Class 12 Steiner School. The project involves the retrofit of four of the existing buildings at the school with improved insulation, glazing, and increased thermal mass, and will replace the existing gas/electrical heating with a seasonal thermal storage hydronic system heated primarily by solar energy.
LOCATION: Little Yarra, Victoria

Glenorchy's Greenhouse Action - an integrated community greenhouse gas abatement programme ($96,000)

This project involves the installation of energy efficient technologies in Glenorchy City Council amenities (such as the swimming pool and other sporting or administrative facilities).
LOCATION: Glenorchy, Tasmania

Port Fairy Consolidated School Renewable Energy Education ($55,000)

The project will engage an accredited contractor to design and install a grid interactive solar photovoltaic and wind turbine demonstration system enhancing the proposed energy efficient building redevelopment of the Port Fairy Consolidated School (a local primary school located at Port Fairy in rural Moyne Shire, Victoria).
LOCATION: Port Fairy, Victoria

Sustainable Living in the City - Second Tier retrofits for high rise apartments ($99,445)

The project is a behavioural change and building retrofit programme targeting 600 dwellings in four residential buildings in Melbourne.
LOCATION: Melbourne, Victoria

Greenhouse Gas Abatement In Local Centres ($99,347)

This project is a community-based educational campaign, targeting small-medium sized businesses and households in the southern part of metropolitan Perth. Seminars will be held to increase awareness and provide information on how to identify and achieve environmental actions in the home. Participants will also have their energy consumption monitored to observe savings and habits over a period of time.
LOCATION: Perth, Western Australia

The Palmerston Schools Energy Blitz ($100,000)

The project will target the teachers and students in two 'middle years' classes across six schools in Palmerston. Students, staff and parents will work together to cost-effectively reduce ongoing energy consumption at their school, and in the school community.
LOCATION: Palmerston, Northern Territory

Planet Savers Rural Pilot Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and educating for a sustainable future ($55,500)

The Planet Savers Rural Pilot is designed to engage with 15 local Northeast Victorian schools to increase awareness of greenhouse - and other sustainability issues - and to support and work with them to reduce their energy consumption.
LOCATION: Northeast Victoria

Water and Energy Savings in the Territory 2007-08 (WEST 2007-08) ($57,000)

The project will provide energy efficiency advice to low-income households who have high energy and water consumption, and therefore high utility bills and debt. These ACT residents will learn that being energy efficient not only benefits the environment, but also helps cut energy bills.
LOCATION: Canberra, Australian Capital Territory

Canning Business Precinct Traffic Reduction Programme ($95,500)

The Canning Bridge Precinct - Smarter Mobility and Reduced Traffic Initiative (SMARTI) project will target and encourage the business and community of the Canning Precinct in WA to use the public transport infrastructure and reduce their independence private cars.
LOCATION: Canning Bridge, Western Australia

Residential Greenhouse Reduction Through Automation - The Ecovillage ($98,000)

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions within the household is the aim of this project. The project involves the use of sophisticated in-house automation technology in a subset of a new 144 house residential community in the Gold Coast's Ecovillage.14 households will reduce their 'standby power' by using occupancy sensors and timers to automatically turn off appliances when not in use.
LOCATION: Gold Coast, Queensland

Low-carb living: A Hornsby 'earthwise' project ($100,000)

The Low-carb living project will reduce greenhouse gas emissions through increased public awareness and financial incentive programmes. Hornsby Shire Council will issue rebates to subsidise the installation of photovoltaic and solar hot water systems and insulation.
LOCATION: Hornsby, New South Wales

National Ride to Work Day ($100,000)

The project will turn the Victorian Ride to Work Day event into a National Ride to Work Day programme powered by strong community contributions supported by all levels of government and corporate Australia. The 2007 National Ride to Work Day will be held on Wednesday 17 October.
LOCATION: National

ECO*STAR - Community Facility Retrofit Programme ($100,000)

The project involves 43 sites in the Newcastle region to be audited and retrofitted for both energy and water consumption.
LOCATION: Newcastle, New South Wales

LoCO2 fund, Mount Alexander Driving the energy auditing dollar 30% by selling back carbon savings to LoCO2 businesses and households to fund more energy efficiency ($41,250)

Businesses, organisations, events and individuals in Mount Alexander Shire will be invited to offset their carbon emissions by buying carbon offsets from the LoCO2 fund.
LOCATION: Mount Alexaner, Victoria

Bike Bus development and promotion: Providing 'soft' infrastructure to give commuters a viable zero emission transport option ($8,720)

A bike bus is a small group of people who ride to work together for sociability and safety. With membership including experienced riders, bike bus drivers provide the support to enable more people to consider bicycle commuting. It will help people in Sydney receive support, training and experience to participate safely in cycling.
LOCATION: Sydney, New South Wales

Greenhouse Gas Abatement - Initiatives Using Low Emission Lighting Technology ($100,000)

This project will undertake energy reduction initiatives in two completely different public lighting areas in Adelaide. The North Terrace Boulevard Road will use lighting control gear and other technologies that allow road lighting levels to be dynamically and automatically adjusted according to changing traffic volumes. The SE Park lands walk will benefit from sensor activated stepped lighting. The use of lighting control gear will allow pedestrian and cyclist lighting levels to be adjusted according to activity.
LOCATION: Adelaide, South Australia

Kicking Goals for the Environment ($99,000)

An environmental education campaign will showcase the installation of energy efficient technologies throughout 10 sporting facilities throughout the Southern Riverina region of New South Wales and Northeast Victoria.
LOCATION: Southern Riverina, New South Wales and Victoria

Local Council Parking Permit Rebate Scheme - encouraging car owners to become members of a car sharing scheme ($100,000)

Working in partnerships with five Sydney metropolitan councils, CarShare Australia will encourage households to switch from private car ownership to membership of a local car sharing scheme.
LOCATION: New South Wales

Cooling Palmerston - Leisure Centre energy savings to fund community energy efficiency education and incentives ($100,000)

An energy efficient cooling system will be installed at the Palmerston Leisure Centre to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and provide a working example of energy efficient technologies to be promoted extensively to the local community.
LOCATION: Palmerston, Northern Territory

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