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Plastic retail carry bag use 2002 – 2004 consumption

Final report
NOLAN-ITU Pty Ltd for the
Department of the Environment and Heritage, March 2005

5. References

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6 Report Limitations

This report has been prepared in accordance with an agreement between Department of the Environment and Heritage and Nolan-ITU.

The services performed by Nolan-ITU have been conducted in a manner consistent with the level of quality and skill generally exercised by members of its profession and consulting practices.

This report is solely for the use of Department of the Environment and Heritage and any reliance of this report by third parties shall be at such party’s sole risk and may not contain sufficient information for purposes of other parties or for other uses. This report shall only be presented in full and may not be used to support any other objectives than those set out in the report, except where written approval with comments are provided by Nolan-ITU.