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Enabling technologies 08: Commercialisation of innovative Australian inverters

Renewable Energy Commercialisation in Australia, Australian Greenhouse Office, 2003
NOTE: The status of these projects will have changed since the time of publication, and project contacts may also have changed.

Three Australian electronics companies have formed a joint venture to investigate and exploit the Australian and overseas market for renewable energy specific inverters.

Many renewable energy systems produce direct current (DC) electricity while most household appliances use alternating current (AC). An inverter is used to make this necessary conversion and with the inverter market increasing rapidly worldwide in renewable energy on-grid, and Remote Area Power Systems (RAPS), Australian manufacturers are moving to take advantage.

Along with power conversion, modern inverters fulfill many functions including system control, safety features and interconnection to grid and user networks. Without inverter technology, many forms of renewable energy have limited commercial application. Major advances over the last decade in power electronics components and the use of embedded microprocessors and software has led to major improvements in inverter reliability, functionality and performance. Application areas include fuel cells, grid support systems, solar and wind systems and energy storage devices

A joint venture of Australian electronics companies comprising Power Solutions Australia Pty Ltd (PSA), Selectronic Australia Pty Ltd and Powercor Australia Ltd have secured a grant of $420,000 for the development of local and export distribution channels for innovative Australian inverters for use in RAPS and grid-tie applications. As leaders in inverter design and manufacture in Australia, PSA and Selectronic provide products ranging from 200 watts to 75kW. Powercor brings to the project a broad knowledge of the Australian electricity supply industry and strong relationships in the US and European markets.

The scope of this project includes:

Successful commercialisation of these products will result in an increase in local employment and skills, import replacement in the Australian market, an increase in exports, and the provision of world-class cost effective products that assist in the expansion of the Australian renewable energy industry.

For more information please contact

Dr James Brown
Power Solutions Australia Pty Ltd
3/6 Holloway drive
Bayswater VIC 3153
Tel (03) 9762 0757
Fax (03) 9762 0715

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