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Enabling technologies 01: International Environmental Strategies Program

Renewable Energy Commercialisation in Australia, Australian Greenhouse Office, 2003
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Integral Energy launched the International Environmental Strategies Program to facilitate the development of an internationally competitive renewable energy industry.

Integral Energy, a major Australian electricity retailer and distributor, began its International Environmental Strategies Program (IESP) in June 1998 supported by a $350,000 grant under the Renewable Energy Industry Program. The aim of the IESP was to facilitate the development of an internationally competitive renewable energy industry and contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

The IESP involved small and medium Australian manufacturers of renewable energy products-companies such as DCFX Solar Systems, Platypus Power, Solar Energy Australia, Sunlight Solar Systems, Sunrise Solar (SOMA) and Quirks Victory Light Company (Autofridge).

The IESP focused on improving the business skills of the companies involved and enhancing their competitive abilities in international markets. It was intended to combine the expertise of each participating member into a consortium of significant market presence. Integral Energy introduced participating manufacturers to its established high-profile export networks in Asia and the South Pacific region.

Significantly, IESP has raised awareness of general industry and export issues faced by small and medium renewable energy companies in the international market. An understanding of this environment will assist Australia's emerging industry to compete internationally and contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions globally.

For more information please contact

David Morrison
Group Manager, Business Development
Integral Energy
51 Huntingwood Drive
Huntingwood NSW 2148
Tel (02) 9853 6706
Fax (02) 9853 6032

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