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Enabling technologies 02: Commercialisation of IPS wind/diesel/energy storage technology

Renewable Energy Commercialisation in Australia, Australian Greenhouse Office, 2003
NOTE: The status of these projects will have changed since the time of publication, and project contacts may also have changed.

The Intelligent Power Systems technology developed by Powercorp will integrate renewables into diesel power systems.

With the assistance of a $1 million grant under the Renewable Energy Commercialisation Program, this project will commercialise Powercorp's intelligent power systems (IPS) wind/diesel/energy storage technology so that it can be successfully marketed and installed in Australia and overseas.

The IPS technology can integrate renewable energy resources such as wind, photovoltaics and mini-hydro into isolated power supply systems. The key to success is the ability to store energy and automatically control all system elements so that input from renewable energy sources can be maximised.

Work to date has focused on developing wind diesel systems. With the use of variable-speed wind turbine generators and flywheel energy storage systems, penetration levels from renewable energy sources have been lifted from between 10 and 20 per cent to 70 per cent. This has only been possible with the introduction of smart, reliable control systems and energy storage for grid stabilisation.

The main objective of this project is to take the knowledge and experience gained from previous development work and replicate it commercially in other projects throughout Australia and overseas. To achieve this goal, Powercorp needs to expand its intellectual property and increase the content of Australianmanufactured materials. New testing and manufacturing facilities will be constructed, and engineering, manufacturing, construction, service and support jobs will be created.

For more information please contact

Juergen Zimmermann
Powercorp Pty Ltd
Export Drive, Trade Development Zone
Darwin NT 0828
Tel (08) 8947 0933
Fax (08) 8947 0925

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