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Transport Comets - Final Report

Prepared by the
Moreland Energy Foundation Ltd and Environment Victoria
for the
Australian Greenhouse Office, Department of the Environment and Heritage, June 2005

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The Transport Comets project aimed to encourage community members to actively develop and implement solutions to some of the barriers that exist to using sustainable modes of transport, and to engage in sustainable travel behaviour themselves. The project has been successful in achieving the first part of this aim, the development and implementation of solutions to barriers to using sustainable transport. It was less successful in getting commitment to engaging in additional sustainable transport behaviour by participants in the Action Groups. However, the project has resulted in a plethora of ideas about ways of involving the community in sustainable transport, which have the potential to be implemented in future.

The methodology used in the Transport Comets project relies upon a community development approach, which seeks to satisfy the needs of participants. The eventual focus on advocacy was a result of the high level of participation from people who are committed to sustainable transport and, as a result, have direct experience of the shortcomings of sustainable transport infrastructure and services. These shortcomings present a dilemma for working at a community level, that many of the actions which people are encouraged to undertake are not as straightforward or as convenient as could be hoped. Effective community work on sustainable transport needs to build in an advocacy element, to ensure that people's concerns can be used to improve sustainable transport options.

Many ideas came out of the Action Groups for ways to engage non-converted members of the community with sustainable transport. Car share schemes, training and capacity building for cyclists, market stalls and mini fests are all good initiatives which, if implemented over a reasonable length of time, could be expected to increase participation in sustainable transport.

Transport Comets has provided MEFL with a significant opportunity to take a role in sustainable transport within Moreland. It is clear that gaps exist in the work being undertaken on transport currently in the municipality, particularly in relation to community based approaches that increase take up of sustainable transport options which exist. With adequate resourcing, MEFL is well placed to fill the gaps and generate more participation in sustainable transport in future.

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