Supervising Scientist Division

Supervising Scientist Annual Report 2003 - 2004: Environmental research and monitoring

Supervising Scientist, Darwin, 2004
ISBN 0 642 24391 3
ISSN 0 158-4030

3 Environmental research and monitoring

The Environment Protection (Alligator Rivers Region) Act 1978 established the Alligator Rivers Region Research Institute (ARRRI) to undertake research into the environmental effects of uranium mining in the Alligator Rivers Region. The scope of the research programme was widened in 1994 following amendments to the Act. ARRRI was subsequently renamed the Environmental Research Institute of the Supervising Scientist (eriss).

The work of eriss consists of two main areas:

This work is categorised into seven thematic areas across research and administrative lines to further increase interaction and scientific exchange across the diverse expertise and background contained within the organisation.

Seven thematic areas were identified by the Alligator Rivers Region Technical Committee (ARRTC) as being the Key Knowledge Needs for the protection of the environment of the Alligator Rivers Region. The research programme is assessed annually by ARRTC, whose activities are described in detail in Section 4 of this Report.

Because of the scope and complexity of the eriss research programme, an overview of programme themes is presented in this Report. Each theme contains highlights of key activities and a detailed description of a major project. The Rehabilitation theme has two project descriptions, due to the increasing project work that is being done in this area. Full reports on research outcomes are available in reports and publications listed in Appendix 2.

3.1 Programme themes

The thematic programmes are: