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Species Metura elongatus (Saunders, 1847)

  • Oiketicus elongatus Saunders, W.W. 1847. Remarks on the habits and economy of a species of Oiketecus found on shrubs in the vicinity of Sydney, N.S.W. [Drawn up from notes furnished by W. Stephenson, Esq.]. Transactions of the Entomological Society of London 5: 40-43 [43].
    Type data:
     Holotype BMNH , Sydney, New South Wales.
  • Oiketicus saundersii Westwood, J.O. 1855. Descriptions of some species of Lepidopterous insects belonging to the genus Oiketicus. Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London 1854(22): 219-243, Annulosa pls 34-37 [223] [repl. name].
  • Phragmatoecia capucina Wallengren, H.D.J. 1860. Lepidopterologische Mittheilungen. Wiener Entomologische Monatschrift 4: 33-46, 161-176.
  • Oiketicus saundersi Dalla Torre & Strand, 1929.


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