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Synagrops serratospinosus holotype


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Bass, Lanternbellies, Ocean Basses, Splitfins, Temperate Ocean-basses

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31 March, 2011 - John R. Paxton, Jennifer E. Gates, Douglass F. Hoese & Matthew M. Lockett


Members of the Acropomatidae are commonly found on the continental shelf and slope worldwide. As recognised here, the family contains eight genera and at least 30 species. Five genera and 12 described species are known from Australia.

Species included here have been variously placed in the families Percichthyidae and Apogonidae. Acropomatids are separated on the basis of having separate or nearly separate dorsal fins. Roberts (1993) placed Polyprion and Stereolepis in the family Polyprionidae, and Carpenter (1999) suggested that Polyprion, often included here, be separated into its own family. More recently, Nelson (2006) has also assigned Polyprion and Stereolepis to Polyprionidae.

The genus Howella, previously included here (see Paxton et al. 2006) is removed from this family following Roberts (1993), Prokofiev (2007) and Gomon (2008) and placed in Howellidae. Similarly, following Roberts (1993) and Roberts & Gomon (2008) Polyprion is placed in the family Polyprionidae.


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