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The order Aulopiformes as presented here follows the classification of Baldwin & Johnson (1996) and Sato & Nakabo (2002). Nelson (1994) recognised four extant suborders with 13 families, and one fossil suborder; this classification largely follows the work of Hartel & Stiassny (1986). Baldwin & Johnson (1996) discussed relationships within the group and provided information on relationships which differed from previous classifications. The classification of Baldwin & Johnson (1996) recognised Bathysauridae as distinct and related to Giganturidae, and placed Anotopterus within the Paralepedidae. Although Baldwin & Johnson (1996) retained four suborders, the arrangement of families differs considerably from earlier classifications. Sato & Nakabo (2002) erected Paraulopidae to include a group of species from Chlorophthalmidae and recognised Bathysauropsidae for Bathysauropsis and the Bathysauroididae for Bathysauroides. Nelson (2006) followed the classification of Baldwin & Johnson (1996) in recognising two suborders of extant fishes and two fossil suborders for the Aulopiformes.


General References

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