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Species Aenetus ombraloma (Lower, 1902)

  • Hepialus ombraloma Lower, O.B. 1902. Descriptions of new genera and species of Australian Lepidoptera. Transactions of the Royal Society of South Australia 26: 212-247 [212].
    Type data:
     Holotype NMV , erroneously given as 'Port Lincoln, SA'.
  • Oenetes taggi Oke, C.G. 1953. Nature notes and exhibits. Entomology. Victorian Naturalist 70: 160 [Date published 10 December] [160].
    Type data:
     Syntype(s) NMV , Ridgeway, Tas.
  • Oenetus paradiseus Tindale, N.B. 1953. On a new species of Oenetus (Lepidoptera, Family Hepialidae) damaging Eucalyptus saplings in Tasmania. Transactions of the Royal Society of South Australia 76: 77-79, pl. 6 [Date published 31 December] [77] [sic].
    Type data:
     Holotype TMH , Ridgeway, Tas.


Taxonomic Decision for Synonymy

  • Nielsen, E.S., Edwards, E.D. & Rangsi, T.V. 1996. Checklist of the Lepidoptera of Australia. Monographs on Australian Lepidoptera 4: i-xiv, 1-529 & CD-ROM [24]





Extra Distribution Information


IBRA and IMCRA regions (map not available)


Tas: Ben Lomond (BEL), Flinders (FLI), King (KIN), Tasmanian Central Highlands (TCH), Tasmanian Northern Midlands (TNM), Tasmanian Northern Slopes (TNS), Tasmanian South East (TSE), Tasmanian Southern Ranges (TSR), Tasmanian West (TWE)

Ecological Descriptors

Larva boring in trees and saplings. Larval foodplants: Eucalyptus obliqua, E. regnans, E. johnstonii (Myrtaceae).


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