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The relationships of the boarfish family Caproidae has long been a source of debate and still remains unresolved. Although Tyler et al. (2003) and Tyler & Santini (2005) excluded the caproids from the Zeiformes, and Nelson (2006) placed the family in its own perciform suborder the Caproidei, Hoese (2006) tentatively included the group in the Zeiformes until family relationships were further resolved. Here we tentatively place the family in the perciform suborder Caproidei. Nolf & Tyler (2006), in a study based on otolith morphology, concluded that caproids were the plesiomorphic sister group of zeiforms and tetraodontiforms. Wiley & Johnson (2010) placed the family in the Order "Caproiformes" sensu Rosen, 1984, incertae sedis in Percomorphacea. Previously, Rosen (1984) suggested that caproids are the sister group to Zeiformes and Tetraodontiformes. The molecular analysis of Chen et al. (2003) suggested that caproids are closely related to Tetraodontiformes, and the genetic studies of Miya et al. (2003, 2005), Dettai & Lecointre (2005), Yamanoue et al. (2007) and Holcroft & Wiley (2008) suggest that Lophiiformes, Tetraodontiformes and Caproidae are related.


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