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Nemeth (1994) revised the Champsodontidae, recognising one genus and 13 species from the world's oceans. Nine species are recorded from Australia.

Champsodontids, or gapers, are benthic over the continental shelf and slope in Australia to depths 50–600 m, with a maximum recorded depth elsewhere at 1100 m. They are small sized, reaching a maximum size of less than 15 cm.

Relationships of the family are uncertain (Nelson 1994, 2006). Johnson (1993) suggested a relationship with scorpaeniform fishes and Mooi & Johnson (1997) provided further evidence in support of this thesis.


General References

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Common Name References

Smith, M.M. & Heemstra, P.C. (eds) 1986. Smith's Sea Fishes. Johannesburg : Macmillan South Africa xx + 1047 pp. 144 pls. [734] (Gapers)


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