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Citharids, Largescale Flounders

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Douglass F. Hoese & Dianne J. Bray


The Citharidae are a small family of flatfishes currently comprising five genera and six species (Hoshino 2001; Nelson 2006). For Australia, three genera and five species have been recorded.

Citharids occur in the Indo-west Pacific and the Mediterranean. In Australian waters they live over soft bottoms on the continental shelf and slope, in depths of 20–50 m. Maximum size reached is 40 cm.

Hubbs (1945) revised the family and discussed relationships. Subsequently, Hensley & Ahlstrom (1984) and Chapleau (1993) questioned monophyly of the family. However, Hoshino (2001) established its monophyly and also described relationships among the genera. Some Australian species are treated in Hensley (2001). Material collected in recent years indicates that a revision of the family is needed and that it is likely that new species will be discovered.


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