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Pigfishes, Racehorses, Southern Pigfish

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6 April 2015 - Douglass F. Hoese, Dianne J. Bray, John R. Paxton & Jennifer E. Gates

John R. Paxton, Jennifer E. Gates & Douglass F. Hoese


The Congiopodidae currently comprise eight species in three genera. In Australia, one genus and one species are known; Scott et al. (1974) described and figured the the Australian species, and Gomon (2008) treats a single species. Honma et al. (2013) removed one genus to the family Perryenidae. A second species is known form Heard and McDonald Islands and Macquarie Island.

Pigfishes are southern circumglobal, found in shelf and slope waters to at least 500 m where they are benthic. Recorded food items include crabs and worms. As with many of the other scorpaeniform fishes, the spines of at least one of the Australian species are reported to be venomous. Pigfishes are characterised by having a long snout with a single nostril on each side, and the body scaleless with a well-developed lateral line. Maximum size is about 80 cm.

Members of the Congiopodidae were summarised briefly by Hureau (1971) and Paulin & Moreland (1979). Mandrytsa (1990) described the lateral line system. Ishii & Imamura (2008) described the phylogenetic relationships of the Congiopodidae and proposed a new classification of the family, recognising the subfamilies Congiopodinae and Zanclorhynchinae.


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