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30 June 2007 - Ian Beveridge & Malcolm Jones


In this checklist the Australian cestodes are divided among 48 families, comprising a total of 176 genera and 437 species. For most species, available host data are included, and as well as primary references for the names. For major taxa, references are given to the most recent reviews.


The following editors, societies and individuals are acknowledged gratefully for permission to use previously published images on this database:

- the Director, Volker Mahnert, Revue Suisse de Zoology, for the figures of Ophiotaenia hylae from De Chambrier (2004);

- the Helminthological Society of Washington for use of the figure of Caryoaustralis sprenti from Mackiewicz & Blair (1980);

- CSIRO Publishing for use of figures of Acanthobothrium thomasae from Campbell & Beveridge (2002), and Polypocephalus moretonensis and Hornellobothrium cobraformis from Butler (1987);

- M. Jones and I. Beveridge for use of figures of Echinobothrium chisholmae and Bertiella paucitesticulata from Jones & Beveridge (2001);

- the Royal Society of South Australia for use of the figures of Hornelliella annandalei from Campbell & Beveridge (1987);

- CAB International for use of figures of Chaetophallus umbrella and Bothridium pithonis from Hoberg (1994) and Bray, Jones & Andersen (1994), respectively.


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