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Genus Saiphos Gray, 1831

  • Saiphos Gray, J.E. 1831. A synopsis of the species of the class Reptilia. pp. 1-110 in Griffith, E. (ed.). The Animal Kingdom Arranged in Conformity with its Organization by the Baron Cuvier. London : Whittaker, Treacher & Co. Vol. 9 481+110 pp. [1831 on title page] [72].
    Type species:
     Seps equalis Gray, 1825 by monotypy.
  • Peromeles Wiegmann, A.F.A. 1834. Herpetologia Mexicana, seu Descriptio Amphibiorum Novae Hispaniae. Berlin : Lüderitz. [11].
    Type species:
     Seps equalis Gray, 1825 by monotypy.
  • Siaphos Gray, J.E. 1839. Catalogue of the slender-tongued saurians, with descriptions of many new genera and species. (contd.). Annals and Magazine of Natural History 2: 331-337 [1839 on title page] [333] [emend. pro Saiphos Gray, 1831].
  • Coggeria Couper, P.J., Covacevich, J.A., Marsterson, S.P. & Shea, G.M. 1996. Coggeria naufragus gen, et sp. nov., a sand-swimming skink from Fraser Island, Queensland. Memoirs of the Queensland Museum 39(2): 233-241 [233].
    Type species:
     Coggeria naufragus Couper, Covacevich, Marsterson & Shea, 1996 by original designation.
  • Ophioscincus Peters, W. 1873. Mitteilung über neue Saurier (Spoeriodactylus, Anolis, Phrynosoma, Tropidolepisma, Lygosoma, Ophioscincus) aus Centralamerica, Mexico und Australien. Monatsberichte der Königlichen Preussischen Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Berlin 1873: 738-747 [1874 on title page] [746].
    Type species:
     Ophioscincus australis Peters, 1873 by monotypy.
  • Coeranoscincus Wells, R.W. & Wellington, C.R. 1984. A synopsis of the class Reptilia in Australia. Australian Journal of Herpetology 1(3-4): 73-129 [1983 on title page] [87].
    Type species:
     Ophioscincus frontalis De Vis, 1888 by original designation.


Taxonomic Decision for Synonymy

  • Smith, M.A. 1937. A review of the genus Lygosoma and its allies. Records of the Indian Museum 39: 213-234
  • Cogger, H.G. 1983. in Cogger, H.G., Cameron, E.E. & Cogger, H.M. Amphibia and Reptiles. In Walton, D.W. (ed.) Zoological Catalogue of Australia. Vol. 1. Netley, South Australia : Griffin Press Ltd. vi 313 pp.
  • Skinner, A., Hutchinson, M.N. & Lee, M.S.Y. 2013. Phylogeny and divergence times of Australian Sphenomorphus group skinks (Scincidae, Squamata). Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 69(3): 906-918 [914] (for Coggeria, Ophioscincus and Coeranoscincus)




New South Wales, Queensland

IBRA and IMCRA regions (map not available)


NSW, Qld: NSW North Coast (NNC), Sydney Basin (SB), South Eastern Queensland (SEQ), Wet Tropics (WT)

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