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Genus Histrio Fischer, 1813

  • Histrio Fischer von Waldheim, G. 1813. Zoognosia Tabulis Synopticis illustrata in usum praelectionum Academiae Imperialis Medico — Chirurgicae Mosquenis Edita. 3rd edn Vol. 1 465 pp. pls 1–8 (fishes pp. 66–117). [1] [without included species].
    Type species:
     Lophius histrio Linnaeus, 1758 (no species were included in the original description and it is not clear when a species was first placed in the genus; most authors accept the designation as absolute tautonymy, but that can only be made on an originally included species) by subsequent monotypy, see Jordan, D.S. 1917. The genera of fishes. Part 1. Stanford University Publications, University Series 27: 1-151 [84].




New South Wales, Northern Territory, Queensland, Western Australia

Extra Distribution Information

Fremantle, WA (32°03´S) to off Bawley Point, NSW (35°S, 150°E); tropical, circumglobal.

IBRA and IMCRA regions (map not available)


Timor Province (2), Northern Shelf Province (25), Northwest Shelf Transition (26), Northwest Shelf Province (27), Central Western Shelf Transition (28), Central Western Shelf Province (29), Northwest Transition (3), Southwest Shelf Transition (30), Southeast Shelf Transition (37), Central Eastern Shelf Province (38), Central Eastern Shelf Transition (39), Northeast Shelf Province (40), Northeast Shelf Transition (41)

Other Regions

Territory of Ashmore & Cartier Islands

General References

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