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Species Jalmenus evagoras (Donovan, 1805)

Common Imperial Blue, Imperial Hairstreak




Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria

Extra Distribution Information

Australian Endemic.

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ACT, NSW, Qld, Vic: Australian Alps (AA), Brigalow Belt North (BBN), Brigalow Belt South (BBS), Broken Hill Complex (BHC), Central Mackay Coast (CMC), Cobar Peneplain (CP), Cape York Peninsula (CYP), Desert Uplands (DEU), Darling Riverine Plains (DRP), Einasleigh Uplands (EIU), Flinders (FLI), Murray Darling Depression (MDD), Mulga Lands (ML), Nandewar (NAN), Naracoorte Coastal Plain (NCP), New England Tablelands (NET), NSW North Coast (NNC), NSW South Western Slopes (NSS), Riverina (RIV), Sydney Basin (SB), South East Coastal Plain (SCP), South East Corner (SEC), South Eastern Highlands (SEH), South Eastern Queensland (SEQ), Victorian Midlands (VM), Victorian Volcanic Plain (VVP), Wet Tropics (WT)

Original AFD Distribution Data

Australian Region

  • Australia
    • Australian Capital Territory
    • New South Wales: Murray-Darling basin, SE coastal
    • Queensland: Murray-Darling basin, NE coastal
    • Victoria: Murray-Darling basin, SE coastal

Ecological Descriptors

Larva: herbivore (associated flora: Acacia longifolia (Andrews) Willd. [FABACEAE] Sydney Golden Wattle; Acacia binervata DC. [FABACEAE] Two-veined Hickory; Acacia polybotrya Benth. [FABACEAE] Western Silver Wattle; Acacia floribunda (Vent.) Willd. [FABACEAE] White Sally; Acacia macradenia Benth. [FABACEAE] Zig-zag Wattle; Acacia ingramii Tind. [FABACEAE]; Amyema pendula (Sieber ex Spreng.) Tiegh. [LORANTHACEAE] Drooping Mistletoe; Acacia mearnsii De Wild. [FABACEAE] Black Wattle; Acacia decurrens Willd. [FABACEAE] Black Wattle; Acacia melanoxylon R.Br. [FABACEAE] Blackwood; Acacia harpophylla F.Muell. ex Benth. [FABACEAE] Brigalow; Acacia leiocalyx (Domin) Pedley [FABACEAE] Early Flowering Black Wattle; Acacia genistifolia Link [FABACEAE] Early Wattle; Acacia filicifolia Welch, Coombs, & McGlynn [FABACEAE] Fern-leaved Wattle; Acacia fimbriata A.Cunn. ex G.Don [FABACEAE] Fringed Wattle; Acacia spectabilis Benth. [FABACEAE] Glory Wattle, Pillaga Wattle, Mudgee Wattle; Acacia pycnantha Benth. [FABACEAE] Golden Wattle; Acacia irrorata Sieber ex Spreng. [FABACEAE] Green Wattle; Acacia implexa Benth. [FABACEAE] Hickory Wattle; Acacia penninervis DC. [FABACEAE] Mountain Hickory; Acacia leucoclada Tind. [FABACEAE] Northern Silver Wattle; Acacia parramattensis Tind. [FABACEAE] Parramatta Wattle; Acacia rubida Cunn. [FABACEAE] Red-leaf Wattle; Acacia falcata Willd. [FABACEAE] Sickle-shaped Acacia; Acacia neriifolia Benth. [FABACEAE] Silver Wattle; Acacia dealbata Link [FABACEAE] Silver Wattle; Acacia terminalis (Salisb.) J.F.Macbr. [FABACEAE] Sunshine Wattle).


General References

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