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CAVS: 2916

Species Liopholis guthega (Donnellan, Hutchinson, Dempsey & Osborne, 2002)

  • Egernia guthega Donnellan, S.C, Hutchinson, M.N., Dempsey, P. & Osborne, W.S. 2002. Systematics of the Egernia whitii species-group (Lacertilia: Scincidae) from south-eastern Australia. Australian Journal of Zoology 50: 439-459 [448].
    Type data:
     Holotype SAMA R37782, Charlotte Pass, NSW [36°26'S 148°19'E].


Generic Combinations

  • Liopholis guthega (Donnellan, Hutchinson, Dempsey & Osborne, 2002). —
    Gardner, M.G., Hugall, A.F., Donnellan, S.C., Hutchinson, M.N. & Foster, R. 2008. Molecular systematics of social skinks: phylogeny and taxonomy of the Egernia group (Reptilia: Scincidae). Journal of the Linnean Society of London, Zoology 154: 781-794 [791]




New South Wales, Victoria

Extra Distribution Information

Snowy Mountains in the vicinity of Mt Kosciuszko, NSW and the Bogong High Plains of Victoria

IBRA and IMCRA regions (map not available)


NSW, Vic: Australian Alps (AA)

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