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Paperbones, Waryfishes, Wearyfishes

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John R. Paxton & Jennifer E. Gates


The Notosudidae were reviewed by Marshall (1966) and were revised comprehensively by Bertelsen et al. (1976), who recognised 19 species in three genera. In Australia, six species in two genera have been recorded.

Paperbones or wearyfishes occur in all oceans and, as larvae, are found near the surface. Early juveniles, later juveniles and some adults are mesopelagic; other adults are benthopelagic over slope waters down to 2000 m. Prey items include small and large crustaceans, and for the largest animals, fishes. They are slender, scaled fishes with short dorsal and anal-fin bases and relatively small teeth. The largest of the relatively few adults captured exceeds 50 cm standard length.


General References

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Common Name References

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