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Class NUDA Chun, 1879

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30 April 2007 - Lisa-ann Gershwin


The class Nuda was proposed by Chun (1879: 191), to separate the Beroidae from the tentaculate taxa. It has been widely adopted, and in its present form, comprises all species in the genera Beroe and Neis. Both genera are represented in Australian waters.



Ctenophora with tentacles and tentacle bulbs absent.


Diagnosis References

Hyman, L. H. 1940. Phylum Ctenophora. pp. 662-696 in Hyman, L. H. (ed.). The Invertebrates. Protozoa through Ctenophora. New York : McGraw-Hill Vol. 1. [663]


General References

Chun, C. 1879. Die im Golfe von Neapel erscheinenden Rippenquallen. Mittheilungen aus der Zoologischen Station zu Neapel 1(2): 180-217, tafel 6


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