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Phylum SARCOMASTIGOPHORA Honigberg & Balamuth, 1934

Amoebae, Flagellates

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January 2015 - Checked by Peter O’Donoghue, The University of Queensland

2010 - Data provided by O’Donoghue, entered in AFD by ABRS


This phylum previously contained many disparate amoeboid (sarcodine) and flagellated (mastigophoran) protists, as well as the enigmatic opalines. Subsequent studies (phenotypic and genotypic) have not supported this assemblage, and all taxa have been re-classified to many diverse groups. The opalines were classified in the Stramenopiles in the supergroup SAR. The dinoflagellates and perkinsids were placed in the group Alveolata also in the supergroup SAR. The metamonad and euglenozoan flagellates were transferred to the supergroup Excavata, along with the heterolobosean amoebo-flagellates. The naked and testate amoebae with non-eruptive pseudopodia were classified in the supergroup Amoebozoa, and the naked and testate amoebae with filopodia were placed in the group Rhizaria in the supergroup SAR. For taxonomic considerations and characters, see Adl et al.( 2012).


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