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2011 - A. Newton, M. Thayer (both Field Museum, Chicago, Ill. USA), D. Jennings, T. Weir (Australian National Insect Collection, CSIRO Ecosystem Sciences) (Newton, A.F. & Thayer, M.K., created 2007)

30 June 2007 - Australian Biological Resources Study

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McKenna, D.D., Farrell, B.D., Scaterino, M., Farnum, C.W., Hawks, D.C., Maddison, D.R.,Seago, A.E., Short, A.E.Z., Newton, A.F. & Thayer, M.K. 2014. Phylogeny and evolution of Staphyliniformia and Scarabaeiformia: forest litter as a stepping stone for diversification of nonphytophagous beetles. Systematic Entomology [DOI: 10.1111/syen.12093]

Newton, A.F. & Thayer, M.K. created 2007. PEET Austral Staphylinidae. [accessed Feb 2011]


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