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The Australian Biological Resources Study acknowledges the assistance of the Australian and international botanical community in collaborating to produce the material for the Flora of Australia publications. Australian Herbaria have played an invaluable role in supporting and contributing to the Flora of Australia project.

Taxonomic contributions to the Flora of Australia project have come from a large number of botanists. Their contributions, initially published in the Flora of Australia book series, form the basis of the Flora of Australia Online database. The line art that accompanies these contributions is the work of many artists. The contributors are acknowledged in the database under the relevant main entry (e.g. genus); the artists are acknowledged on the images and in the figure captions.

The contributions have been edited by ABRS prior to publication in the Flora of Australia series.

Ian Cresswell and Mary Colreavy (formerly of ABRS) and Jim Croft (Australian National Botanic Gardens/Centre for Plant Biodiversity Research) provided support and enthusiasm for the development of the Flora of Australia Online project. Greg Whitbread began developing the database functionality and web delivery; Scott Payne then took on this responsibility with ongoing assistance from Greg Whitbread; Robyn Lawrence is the current database manager with assistance from Greg. Helen Thompson is the project manager and is responsible for population of the database. Beth Leditschke, Brigitte Kuchlmayr and Helen Thompson scanned the original artwork used in the Flora of Australia and prepared it for Flora of Australia Online; Brigitte also designed the images on the splash pages and assisted with other web page development. Robyn Lawrence, Greg Whitbread and Helen Thompson provide ongoing support for the database and its delivery.

The database is housed within the Australian Government’s Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities


Vascular flora


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