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Interactive Catalogue of Australian Fungi

Interactive Catalogue of Australian Fungi  

The Catalogue covers in full the following Orders of Basidiomycota: Agaricales, Agaricostilbales, Atractiellales, Auriculariales, Boletales, Bondarzewiales, Cantharellales, Cortinariales, Dacrymycetales, Fistulinales, Ganodermatales, Gomphales, Hericiales, Hymenochaetales, Hymenogastrales, Lachnocladiales, Lycoperdales, Melanogastrales, Nidulariales, Phallales, Platygoeales, Poriales, Russulales, Sclerodermatales, Septobasidiales, Stereales, Thelephorales, Tremellales, Tulasnellales and Tulostomatales.

Full coverage is also provided for the following Orders of Myxomycota: Acrasiales, Ceratiomyxales, Dictyosteliales, Echinosteliales, Liceales, Physarales, Protosteliales, Stemonitales and Trichiales.

Entries for taxa in selected groups (mainly Agaricales, Boletales, Cortinariales and Russulales) which are associated with Eucalyptus outside of Australia are also included.

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