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Australian Biological Resources Study

Flora of Australia

Compiled by A.McCusker

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capsule: a dry fruit formed from two or more united carpels and dehiscing at maturity to release the seeds.
circumsciss: (to) break open along a transverse line around the circumference. adj. circumscissile.
dehiscent: breaking open at maturity to release the contents.
denticle: a small tooth; in Coprosma (Rubiaceae), thick papillate tubercles on the margin of the interpetiolar stipules.
follicle: a dry, dehiscent fruit formed from one carpel and dehiscing along the line of fusion of its edges.
loculicidal: of the dehiscence of a fruit, along lines coinciding with the centres of loculi. cf. septicidal.
operculum: in a flower, a cap formed by fusion or cohesion of perianth parts and covering the stamens and carpels in the bud, becoming detached at maturity by abscission; especially in Eucalyptus, see calyptra.
poricidal: of anthers or capsules, opening by pores.
septicidal: of the dehiscence of a fruit, along lines coinciding with the partitions between loculi. cf. loculicidal.
Capsule Dehiscence
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