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Australian Biological Resources Study

Flora of Australia

Compiled by A.McCusker

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bifoliolate: of leaves, having two leaflets.
imparipinnate: having an uneven number of pinnae, by virtue of having one terminal pinna. cf. paripinnate.
palmate: of a leaf, divided into several leaflets which arise at the same point.
paripinnate: having an even number of pinnae by virtue of having a pair in the terminal position. cf. imparipinnate.
pinnate: divided into pinnae; once-compound. cf. bipinnate, tripinnate.
ternate: in groups of three; of leaves, arranged in whorls of three; of a single leaf, having the leaflets arranged in groups of three.
trifoliolate: of a leaf, having three leaflets.
unifoliolate: of a leaf, basically compound, but reduced to only one leaflet.
Compound Leaf Form
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