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Australian Biological Resources Study

Flora of Australia

Compiled by A.McCusker

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bipinnate: of leaves, twice pinnately divided. cf. pinnate, tripinnate.
palmatifid: of a leaf, deeply (but not completely) divided into several lobes which arise (almost) at the same level. cf. pinnatifid.
palmatisect: a condition intermediate between palmate and palmatifid, with the green tissue of the lamina completely divided into several segments, but the segments not fully separated at the base.
pinnatifid: cut deeply (but not to midrib) into lobes that are spaced out along the axis (of the leaf). cf. palmatifid, ternatifid.
pinnatisect: dissected down to the midrib but having the segments confluent with it.
plicate: folded back and forth longitudinally like a fan.
tripinnate: of leaves, thrice pinnately divided. cf. bipinnate, pinnate.
Leaf (or leaflet) dissection
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