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Australian Biological Resources Study

Flora of Australia

Compiled by A.McCusker

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alveolate: pitted or honeycombed on the surface.
colliculate: covered with small, rounded or hillock-like elevations (pl. n. colliculae).
echinate: bearing stiff, stout, prickly hairs.
foveate: pitted.
muricate: rough on the surface; covered with short, hard tubercles or hard outgrowths of the epidermis.
papilla: a small, elongated protuberance on the surface of an organ, usually an extension of one epidermal cell. adj. papillose.
reticulate: forming a network.
spine: a stiff, sharp-pointed structure, formed by modification of a plant organ, e.g. a lateral branch or a stipule.
striate: striped with parallel longitudinal lines or ridges.
tuberculate: covered with tubercles.
Surface Features of Disseminule
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