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Australian Biological Resources Study

Flora of Australia

Compiled by A.McCusker

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capitate: of an inflorescence, with the flowers unstalked and aggregated into a dense cluster; of a stigma, globose, like the head of a pin.
clavate: club-shaped.
dendritic: of a trichome, with branches arising along the main axis, i.e. tree-like.
hair: an elongate single-celled or multi-celled outgrowth from the epidermis, without vascular tissue.
indumentum: the epidermal appendages, e.g. hairs or scales, collectively.
peltate: of a leaf, having the stalk attached to the lower surface of the blade, not to the margin (also applied, in the same sense, to other stalked structures).
stellate: star-shaped; consisting of star-shaped cells.
Indumentum type
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