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Australian Biological Resources Study

Flora of Australia

Compiled by A.McCusker


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umbel: a racemose inflorescence in which all the individual flower stalks arise in a cluster at the top of the peduncle and are of about equal length. > image <

umbellule: secondary umbel in a compound umbellate inflorescence.

uncinate: terminating in a hooked point.

undulate: wavy, i.e. not flat. cf. sinuate. > image <

unifacial: of leaves, where the adaxial (upper) edge is homologous with the adaxial surface of a dorsiventral leaf and the remainder is derived from the abaxial surface. cf. bifacial.

unifoliate: having one leaf.

unifoliolate: of a leaf, basically compound, but reduced to only one leaflet. > image <

unilateral: of stamens, with anthers grouped on one side of the style.

unilocular: of an ovary, anther or fruit, having only one internal cavity.

unisexual: bearing only male or only female reproductive organs. > image <

united: fused together.

urceolate: urn-shaped. > image <

utricle: a small bladder; a membranous bladder-like sac enclosing an ovary or fruit.

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