A report on Mundulla Yellows in Australia

Mundulla Yellows Task Group, 2004

Invasive species report

About the report

Mundulla Yellows is a fatal disease that affects eucalypts and other native plants. It is characterised by progressive yellowing and dieback of foliage. It was first observed in the vicinity of Mundulla, South Australia in the 1970's.

Mundulla Yellows has been widely documented in South Australia, where it seems to be spreading and has been observed in varying degrees in other States. To date, its cause(s) is not known.

The Mundulla Yellows Task Group (MYTG) comprising nominated plant experts from all States was set up in September 2002 by the Land, Water and Biodiversity Committee (under the Natural Resource Management Ministerial Council) to determine:

  1. The current status of research;
  2. A risk management approach for the problem;
  3. A flexible research strategy; and
  4. A funding strategy for research and management activities.

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