Weeds in Australia

How you can help

Nursery and garden industry

The retail gardening industry is an important partner in minimising the impact of invasive garden plants.  Many consumers seek advice from their garden retailer and the point of sale is an ideal opportunity to influence the plant purchasing decision. Research has indicated that when consumers are aware of potential weediness they are quite willing to accept safer alternatives.

The Nursery and Gardening Industry Australia (NGIA) is working with the Australian Government to develop a 'Grow me instead ' program which focuses on identifying non-invasive alternatives to garden 'escapees'. The program includes the opportunity for garden retailers to participate in training and accreditation initiatives.

Other industry groups with an emphasis on minimising weeds include Sustainable Gardening Australia and theBushland Friendly Nursery Scheme .

Some things that garden retailers can do to assist in minimising the impact of weeds include: