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Community involvement in off-reserve and on-reserve management of environmental weeds

National Weeds Program, AACM International
Environment Australia, May 1997
ISBN 0 6422 1396 8

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Community group involvement in managing areas for conservation purposes is an often underestimated resource. The management of environmental weeds requires a long-term commitment and, in times of limited resources, effectively involving community groups in the management of weeds can be an efficient way of tackling the problem. Involving community groups in appropriate projects can lead to a number of things, such as increasing the resources available to manage weeds, empowering the community and increasing their ownership of the management difficulties associated with environmental weeds.

This report reviews existing work in community weed management, examining hours, money spent, weed control methods used, regions covered and geographic locations. It also identifies the advantages and limitations of using community groups for environmental weed management. It is interesting to note that the most successful community groups to date are those that receive appropriate support from the local agency with which they are working. It is critical for government agencies to provide experienced personnel to train and support groups that are supplying their time to control environmental weeds, an often tedious job.

Cover of Community involvement in off-reserve and on-reserve management of environmental weeds

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