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Biological control of Mimosa pigra and integration with other control options

Final report: October 2001 to December 2002
CSIRO (Exploratory and Quarantine Research),
Environment Australia, 2003

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About the report

This research and development project aims to further develop the knowledge base and methods for effective and efficient use of biological control and its integration with other control options.

The project involves the collection of insects in the native range of mimosa and conducting biology and screening studies of these agents in a quarantine facility in Brisbane. The mass rearing and release of new agents, redistribution of agents already established and ecological studies to evaluate the impact of these agents on mimosa in the Northern Territory follow this. Also included is a study into the integration of non-biological control methods with biological control. A computer model is being modified, to take into account the newly discovered spatial aspects of agent attack, which will allow the outcome of various control strategies to be predicted. In particular, the long-term impact on mimosa populations of adding biological control agents with specific activity can be assessed in advance.

This report spans the period October 01 - December 02 due to inconsistencies between the original funding agreement, and the Northern Territory regional bidding process. Such inconsistencies have made project management difficult.

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