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Mimosa (Mimosa pigra) weed management guide

Weeds of National Significance
Department of the Environment and Heritage and the CRC for Australian Weed Management, 2003
ISBN 1 9209 3210 0

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About the guide

Mimosa is a Weed of National Significance. It is regarded as one of the worst weeds in Australia because of its invasiveness, potential for spread, and economic and environmental impacts.

Mimosa forms dense stands that replace all native vegetation on the ecologically and economically valuable wetlands of the Top End of northern Australia. Mimosa invasion threatens the production, cultural and conservation values of wetlands, and reduces the scope for exploitation of resources by land users. Pastoralists are affected because the inedible and thorny mimosa smothers and replaces grasslands, blocks access to stock watering points and hinders mustering. Additionally, the harvesting of bush foods by indigenous people is hampered by mimosa.

In environmental terms, nationally and internationally significant wetlands are threatened by mimosa, which reduces the biodiversity of plant and animal life on the floodplains by outcompeting native plants and reducing available habitat for animals.

This management guide was prepared in 2003. The state and territory contacts in this document may be out of date.

For advice on weed control in your state or territory see the primary contacts on the State and territory weed management arrangements page.

Extent in Australia Potential distribution
NT Could further expand in current locations; plus WA, QLD
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