Choosing between incentive mechanisms for natural resource management

A practical guide for regional NRM bodies
Emma Comerford and Jim Binney
Queensland Department of Natural Resources and Mines, 2005

About the guide

There is currently great interest in the use of economic and social incentives for natural resource management (NRM), as has been demonstrated by the support for these policy tools by the funding programs of the National Action Plan for Salinity and Water Quality and Natural Heritage Trust. Regional NRM bodies have also shown awareness of the potential for such tools as they provide the opportunity to deliver regional NRM in a more efficient manner than some more traditional approaches. This paper is designed to assist regional NRM bodies decide which incentive mechanisms should be applied to particular situations. It will not provide a definitive answer for any situation. A regional NRM body will probably need to seek specialist advice from economists and biophysical scientists before designing and implementing incentive mechanisms.

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