A synthesis of outcomes from pilot projects on national monitoring and evaluation indicators on native vegetation condition in Australia

Executive Steering Committee for Australian Vegetation Information, 2007

ISBN 9780642553850

About the report

From 2003 to 2007, the Executive Steering Committee for Australian Vegetation Information (ESCAVI) coordinated a series of pilot projects to test the applicability of its interim approach to native vegetation condition monitoring, under the National Natural Resource Management Monitoring and Evaluation Framework. The pilots have resulted in increased familiarity with the approach and recognition of the necessity for benchmarks (or reference condition) in native vegetation condition assessment and monitoring. There is now general acceptance within ESCAVI of the merits of this approach as one which provides for national consistency while accommodating some variability to meet specific needs within each jurisdiction. The outcomes of the pilots include contributing towards improvements in reporting on native vegetation condition and providing an agreed conceptual basis for the establishment of nationally consistent indicators and protocols for reporting.