Finalised priority assessment lists

The Finalised Priority Assessment List (FPAL) is the list of nominated species, ecological communities and key threatening processes that have been approved for assessment by the Minister responsible for the EPBC Act (the Minister) for a particular assessment year (1 October–30 September). These have a statutory timeframe in which the assessment must be completed.

Annual FPAL lists

Extension to timeframes

  • The Minister may grant extensions to the Threatened Species Scientific Committee for the provision of their advice.
  • The Minister may extend his decision timeframe on advice provided by the Threatened Species Scientific Committee on nominations.
  • Extensions granted to timeframes

How the FPAL is determined

Species, ecological communities and key threatening processes are nominated by the public for assessment to determine if they are eligible for including on the list of threatened fauna, flora, or ecological communities, or on the list of key threatening processes under the EPBC Act, or transferring from one threatened category to another. They are assessed in accordance with a specific statutory process. This process involves an annual call for public nominations commencing around the end of November each year, and closing around the end of March of the following year (the minimum period required by the EPBC Act is 30 business days).

The Threatened Species Scientific Committee (the Committee) considers the nominations in June each year, and prepares a proposed priority assessment list (PPAL) for the Minister to consider. In addition to the public nominations, the Committee itself can also nominate species, ecological communities or key threatening processes for inclusion on the assessment list.

The PPAL is provided to the Minister within the statutory timeframe set out in the EPBC Act. The Minister has 20 business days to consider the proposed list and make a determination about which nominations will be included on the list for the upcoming assessment period. Once the Minister has determined the final list it becomes the FPAL and the assessment cycle commences on 1 October. Each item included on the FPAL is assessed by the Committee against a set of criteria and at the completion of the assessment the Committee provides a conservation advice (which outlines immediate conservation priorities and includes the listing recommendation) to the Minister for decision.

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