Nominating a species, ecological community or key threatening process under the EPBC Act

Any person may nominate a native species, ecological community or threatening process for listing under any of the categories specified in the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act).

Nomination and listing process

An overview of the nomination and listing process is provided in the nomination process flowchart.

An invitation to nominate is extended by the Minister each year ahead of a new assessment cycle. Nominations submitted within the advertised invitation period and that satisfy the EPBC Regulations are forwarded to the Threatened Species Scientific Committee, who prepare a Proposed Priority Assessment List of nominations for consideration by the Minister.

The Minister considers the Proposed Priority Assessment List (PPAL) developed by the Committee and may make changes. The finalised priority assessment list (FPAL) is published on this website and nominators will be notified of the outcome.

Nominations included in the FPAL are assessed by the Committee within the timeframe set by the Minister. The Committee will invite public and expert comment on these nominations during the assessment period.

The Committee's advice is forwarded to the Minister, who decides whether the species, ecological community or key threatening process is eligible for listing under the EPBC Act.

For a comprehensive understanding of the provisions relating to nominations and listing, please refer directly to the EPBC Act and Regulations.

Making a nomination

Nominations are now invited for threatened species, threatened ecological communities or key threatening processes to be considered for listing under national environment law. Nominations may be submitted until 5 pm on Thursday 31 March 2016. For further information regarding the call for nominations, email The priorities for assessment will be determined in July 2016, and the assessment period for the prioritised nominations will commence 1 October 2016.

Before submitting a nomination

Please note and use the nomination forms and guidelines provided below. Before you submit a nomination for a species, ecological community or key threatening process, please check to see if it is 1) already listed on a current EPBC Act list, 2) currently under assessment, 3) previously assessed and found to be ineligible, 4) data deficient species, 5) removed from the EPBC Act lists, 6) not prioritised for assessment or 7) disallowed from the EPBC Act lists. For ecological community nominations also refer to the list of potential gaps in national protection identified in the report of the National Threatened Ecological Communities Strategic Workshop.

1) Current EPBC Act lists

2) Current Assessments

3) Assessed as ineligible for listing

4) Data deficient species

5) Removed from the EPBC Act lists

6) Not prioritised for assessment

7) Disallowed from the EPBC Act lists

Advice and recovery plans

To assist you in preparing your nomination, it is recommended that you read recent advice developed by the Threatened Species Scientific Committee. Recovery plans for threatened species and threatened ecological communities may also be a useful information source.

Nomination forms and guidelines

These forms cover the requirements of the Threatened Species Scientific Committee and EPBC Regulations.

Submitting your nomination

Completed nominations may be lodged either electronically (preferred) or in hard copy. Where possible, hard copy submissions should be accompanied by an electronic copy on memory stick.



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