The State of Australia's Birds 2007


Birds in a Changing Climate - Supplement to Wingspan, vol. 14, no. 4
Compiled by Penny Olsen
Birds Australia
ISSN 1036-7810

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About the report

The state of Australia's birds report series presents an overview of the status of Australia's birds, the major threats they face and the conservation actions needed. This fifth annual report focuses on climate change. The climate is always changing and birds respond by adapting and evolving. However, at least since the very early 1900s the surface temperature of the earth has been warming at a rate unprecedented in human history, bringing with it shifts in local, regional and global weather systems.

Signs of this change are already reflected in the distribution and abundance of some of our birds and in the timing of their breeding and migration, in line with changes observed in other biota. Further shifts, both expansions and contractions, and extinctions have been predicted.

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