Threat abatement plan for predation by European red fox

Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts, 2008

Threat abatement plan

About the plan

This threat abatement plan (TAP) establishes a national framework to guide and coordinate Australia’s response to the impacts of European red foxes on biodiversity. It identifies the research, management and other actions needed to ensure the long-term survival of native species and ecological communities affected by predation by European red foxes. It replaces the TAP for predation by European red foxes published in 1999 (EA 1999a).

This plan should be read in conjunction with the publication Background document for the threat abatement plan for predation by the European red fox (DEWHA 2008). The background document provides information on fox characteristics, biology and distribution; impacts on environmental, economic, social and cultural values; and current management practices and measures.

Review status

The Minister noted a review of the Threat abatement plan for predation by the European red fox on 8 December 2013.  He agreed that a variation of the threat abatement plan be drafted to reflect the important steps that have been made in the last five years to improve our knowledge and understanding of the foxes’ ecological role in Australia.

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