Amendments to the live import list

If a specimen is not on the live import list, the list must be amended to include that specimen before it can be imported.

Anyone, whether a member of the public, a public or private institution or a commercial enterprise, can apply to the Australian Government environment minister to amend the live import list to include a new specimen.

Non-commercial purposes include bringing a pet into Australia from overseas, or a new specimen for research or for exhibition purposes.

Before applying to amend the live import list to add a specimen, check that the specimen you wish to bring into Australia is not already on the list. This initial check will save time if the specimen you are seeking to import is already on the list.

Proposed amendments to the live import list

Approved amendments to the live import list

Scientific name Common name Amendment type Gazettal/instrument registration date

Haliotis discus hannai

Pacific Abalone

Add species to Part 2

F2015L01100 - 06/07/2015

Haliotis rufescens

Red Abalone

Cebus capucinus

White-throated Capuchin Monkey

Add species to Part 2

F2015L00221 - 27/02/2015

Acipenser baerii

Siberian Sturgeon

Add species to Part 2

F2015L00079 - 29/01/2015

Huso huso


Hystrix africaeaustralis Cape porcupine Add species to Part 2 F2014L01565 - 20/11/2014
Eueupithecia sp. 3445QA a geometrid moth Add species to Part 1 F2014L00601 - 23/05/2014
Freshwater fish taxonomic amendments   Corrections - various taxonomic updates to Part 1 F2014L00420 - 16/04/2014
Ochlerotatus (Aedes) koreicus a mosquito Add species to Part 2 F2014L00097 - 29/01/2014
Rhinella marina Cane Toad Add species to Part 2 F2013L02079 - 12/12/2013
Schmidtea mediterranea CIW4 clonal laboratory strain a planarian Add species to Part 2 F2013L02080 - 12/12/2013
Dasyprocta leporina Brazilian Agouti Add species to Part 2 F2013L02051 - 5/12/2013
Arctocephalus forsteri
Arctocephalus tropicalis
New Zealand Fur Seal
Sub-Antarctic Fur Seal
Add species to Part 2 F2013L02052 - 5/12/2013
Mastrus ridens a parasitoid wasp Add species to Part 1 F2013L00710 - 24/10/2013
Schistosoma haematobium a parasitic blood fluke Add species to Part 2 F2013L00710 - 30/04/2013
Bulinus truncatus Ram's head snail Add species to Part 2 F2013L00710 - 30/04/2013
Drosophila birchii Fruit Fly, Vinegar Fly Add species to Part 2 F2013L00443 - 12/03/2013
Ceratitis capitata Medfly, Mediterranean Fruit Fly Correct conditions on Part 2 F2013L00181 - 12/02/2013
Otocinclus arnoldi Sucker catfish Update scientific name of Otocinclus arnoldi on Part 1 F2013L00105 - 29/01/2013
Trachemys scripta Red-eared Slider Turtle, Yellow-bellied Slider Turtle Delete species from Part 2 F2012L02312 - 04/12/2012
Eueupithecia cisplatensis geometrid moth Add species to Part 1 F2012L02168 - 13/11/2012
Haliotis iris New Zealand Blackfoot Paua Addition of Haliotis iris on Part 2. F2012L01984 - 02/10/2012
Osteichthyes Bony fishes Amend the size limit on various fish listings on Part 1 and add notation regarding Standard Length F2012L01778 - 28/08/2012
CITES listed specimens   Removal of references to CITES from the list F2012L01527 - 10/07/2012
Ambia sp. nov. 3404QA Lygodium stem borer Add species to Part 2 F2012L01159 - 05/06/2012
Bagous affaber Hydrilla stem-boring weevil
Bagous chinensis Hydrilla stem-boring weevil
Bagous indistinctus Hydrilla stem-boring weevil
Bagous vicinus Hydrilla stem-boring weevil
Bagous n. sp. nov 3409QA Hydrilla stem-boring weevil
Carea varipes Rhodomyrtus leaf borer
Idiophantis sp. nov. 4031QA Rhodomyrtus fruit borer
Lygomusotima stria Lygodium leaf defoliator
Sternuchopsis reticulatus Rhodomyrtus shoot borer
Hylaeogena jureceki Leaf-mining jewel beetle Addition of Hylaeogena jureceki to Part 2 F2012L01162 - 05/06/2012
Aceria lantanae Lantana bud mite Addition of Aceria lantanae to Part 1 F2012L01161 - 05/06/2012
Marine fish taxonomic amendments   Corrections - various taxonomic updates to Part 2 F2012L00871 - 17/04/2012
Canis lupus familiaris Domestic dog Update the scientific name of Canis familiaris on Part 1. F2012L00609 - 20/03/2012
Aldabrachelys gigantea Aldabra giant tortoise Addition of Aldabrachelys gigantea to Part 2. F2012L00030 - 11/01/2012
Conus spp. cone snails Add genus to Part 2. F2011L02751 - 20/12/2011
Panulirus ornatus Tropical Rock Lobster Amend conditions for import of Panulirus ornatus on Part 2 F2011L01962 - 27/09/2011
Carcharias taurus Grey Nurse Shark Add Carcharias taurus to Part 2 F2011L00339 - 02/03/2011
Siganus rivulatus and Siganus luridus Rabbit fishes Amend listing of Siganus spp. on Part 1 to exclude
Siganus rivulatus and Siganus luridus
F2011L00335 - 02/03/2011
Plectonycha correntina Leaf-feeding beetle Add Plectonycha correntina to Part 1 F2011L00293 - 23/02/2011
Astrochelys radiata Radiated tortoise Add Astrochelys radiata to Part 2 F2011L00292 - 23/02/2011
Ambystoma mexicanum Axolotl Add Ambystoma mexicanum to Part 2 F2011L00291 - 23/02/2011
Glossolepis incisus Red rainbowfish Change size limit from 1.5cm to 4cm F2010L03107 - 24/11/2010
Canis lupus dingo Dingo Correction - CITES reference F2010L02251 - 11/08/2010
Acyrthosiphon pisum Pea Aphid Add Acyrthosiphon pisum to Part 2 F2010L02347 - 19/07/2010
Cervus nippon Sika deer Remove Cervus nippon from Part 2 F2010L01572 - 17/06/2010
Bubas bubalus and Onthophagus vacca Dung beetles Add Bubas bubalus and Onthophagus vacca to Part 1 and remove Bubas bubalus from Part 2 F2010L01547 - 17/06/2010
Nasua nasua Brown-nosed Coati Add species to Part 2 F2010L00508 - 04/02/2010
Taxonomic amendments   Corrections - numerous taxonomic name changes to Part 1 and 2 F2009L03548 - 24/09/2009
Diaeretus essigellae Parasitoid Wasp Add species to Part 1 F2009L03132 - 07/08/2009
Hypolimnas bolina Common Eggfly Butterfly Add species to Part 2 F2009L02577 - 29/06/2009
Canis lupus dingo Dingo Correction - taxonomic name change and CITES reference F2009L01211 - 31/03/2009
Monacanthidae Filefish Correction - taxonomic name change (addition of family) F2009L00023 - 07/01/2009
Felis catus Domestic Cat Remove item and add a new item to Part 1 F2008L02917 - 02/08/2008
Chionodraco hamatus icefish Add species to Part 2 F2008L00370 - 18/02/2008
Gymnodraco acuticeps dragonfish
Pagetopsis macropterus crocodile Icefish
Pagothenia borchgrevinki bald notothen
Trematomus bernacchii emerald rockcod
T. hansoni striped rockcod
T. newnesi dusky notothen
T. Nicolai spotted notothen
T. pennellii sharp spined notothen
Meleagris gallopavo Wild Turkey Correction - spelling errors F2007L04201 - 26/10/2007
Amazona ochrocephala Yellow-crowned Amazon
Crotalus durissus durissus Neotropical Rattlesnake Add species to Part 2 F2007L03883 - 03/10/2007
Crotalus durissus terrificus South American Rattlesnake, Cascabel
Cryptelytrops albolabris White-lipped Green Pit Viper
Dendroaspis angusticeps Common Mamba, Eastern Green Mamba
Dendroaspis polylepis Black Mamba
Naja nigricollis Black-necked Spitting Cobra
Naja nivea Cape Cobra
Protobothrops flavoviridis Habu
Anopheles stephensi Mosquito Add species to Part 2 F2007L03760 - 26/09/2007
Psittacula krameri Ring-neck Parakeet Correct/update CITES references F2007L03653 - 12/09/2007
Nycticebus coucang Slow Loris
Tragelaphus eurycerus Bongo antelope
Tragelaphus spekii Sitatunga antelope
Bitis gabonica Gaboon Viper Vary conditions F2007L02239 - 20/07/2007
Bitis nasicornis Rhinoceros Viper
Boiga dendrophila Banded Mangrove Snake
Bothriechis schlegelii Eye-lash Pitviper
Bothrops alternatus Urutu, Yarara Parker's Pit Viper
Crotalus adamanteus Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake
Crotalus atrox Western Diamondback Rattlesnake
Crotalus basiliscus basiliscus West Mexican Coast Rattlesnake
Crotalus durissus unicolor Aruba Island Rattlesnake
Crotalus lepidus Rock Rattlesnake
Demansia papuensis Papuan Whip Snake
Glyphodon tristis Brown-headed Snake
Laticauda colubrina Yellow-lipped Sea Snake
Laticauda crockeri Rennell Island Sea Krait
Laticauda laticaudata Amphibious Sea Krait
Laticauda schistorhynchus Banded Sea Krait
Loveridgelaps elapoides Orange-banded Snake
Naja haje Banded Egyptian Cobra
Naja melanoleuca Forest Cobra
Naja naja Indian Cobra
Ophiophagus hannah King Cobra
Oxyuranus scutellatus Taipan
Parapistocalamus hedigeri Hediger's Snake
Pseudechis papuanus Papuan Black Snake
Pseudonaja textilis Eastern Brown Snake
Salomonelaps par Solomon Island Elapid
Sistrurus catenatus tergeminus Western Massasauga Rattlesnake
Tropidolaemus wagleri Wagler's Viper
Unechis nigrostriatus Black Headed Snake
Vipera russellii Russell's Viper
Ophiomyia camarae leaf-mining fly Add species to Part 1 F2007L01434 - 18/05/2007
Hypocosmia pyrochroma leaf-tying moth Add species to Part 1  F2007L01319 - 14/05/2007
Carvalhotingis visenda Leaf-sucking lace bug Add species to Part 1 F2006L03717 - 22/11/2006
Drosophila americana Vinegar fly Add species to Part 2 F2006L03309 - 11/10/2006
Drosophila ananassae Vinegar fly
Drosophila busckii Vinegar fly
Drosophila buzzatii Vinegar fly
Drosophila erecta Vinegar fly
Drosophila grimshawi Vinegar fly
Drosophila hydei Vinegar fly
Drosophila mojavensis Vinegar fly
Drosophila pachae Vinegar fly
Drosophila repleta Vinegar fly
Drosophila santomea Vinegar fly
Drosophila teisseri Vinegar fly
Drosophila willistoni Vinegar fly
Drosophila yakuba Vinegar fly
Nesaecrepida infuscata Leaf beetle Add species to Part 1 F2006L02818 - 30/08/2006
Syphrea bibiana Flea beetle Remove species from Part 2
Diaeretus nov. sp. Wasp species Correction - Deletion from Part 1 F2006L02535 - 3/08/2006
Aotus lemurinus Lemurine Night Monkey Correction - Add species to Part 2 F2006L02538 - 03/08/2006
Aotus nancymaae Ma's Night Monkey Correction - Add species to Part 2
Aotus trivirgatus Northern Owl Monkey Correction - Conditions for import changed to Part 2
Pyrrhura frontalis Maroon-bellied Conure Add species to Part 2 F2006L00610 - 24/02/2006
Spheniscus demersus African Penguin Add species to Part 2 F2006L00082 - 10/01/2006
Caenorhabditis elegans Nematode (roundworms) Correction (removal of conditions) F2005L03324 - 04/11/2005
Psittacus erithacus African Grey Parrot Add species to Part 2 F2005L03228 - 24/10/2005
Venturia canescens a parasite Add species to Part 2 F2005L03045 - 07/10/2005
Caenorhabditis elegans Nematode (roundworms) Correction - add species to Part 2 F2005L02742 - 23/09/2005
Schistosoma japonicum Blood fluke Correction - add species to Part 2 F2005L02655 - 15/09/2005
Schistosoma mansoni Blood fluke Correction - add species to Part 2 F2005L02371 - 31/08/2005
Nycticebus coucang Slow Loris Correct CITES Appendix reference F2005L02316 - 19/08/2005
Dendrobates azureus Blue poison arrow frog Add species to Part 2 F2005L02016 - 20/07/2005
Dendrobates galactonotus Splash-back poison arrow frog
Indotestudo elongata Elongate tortoise Add species to Part 2 F2005L01994 - 15/07/2005
Ceratitis capitata (Vienna strain) Medfly Correction - add species to Part 2 F2005L01996 - 14/07/2005
Agonopterix ulicetella Gorse soft shoot moth Add species to Part 1 F2005L01549 - 20/06/2005
Botia lohachata of length 1.5 cm and over Reticulate loach, Yo-yo loach Add species to Part 1 F2005L00922 - 18/04/2005
Cyphotilapia frontosa of length 12 cm and over Frontosa, Humphead cichlid
Dekeyseria pulcher of length 1.5 cm and over Clown peckoltia
Glossolepis incisus of length 1.5 cm and over Red rainbowfish
Sawbwa resplendens of length 1 cm and over Burmese rummynose
Yasuhikotakia sidthimunki of length 1.5 cm and over Dwarf botia, Skunk loach
Aceria sp. (VAIC 46501) Boneseed leaf buckle mite Remove species listing from class Insecta and add to class Arachnida on Part 2 F2005L00526 - 04/03/2005
Aceria sp. (VAIC 46501) Boneseed leaf buckle mite Add species to Part 2 F2005L00363 - 28/02/2005
Trichosirocalus briesei a weevil Add species to Part 1 F2005L00300 - 16/02/2005
Trichosirocalus mortadelo a weevil
Trichosirocalus horridus Rosette Weevil
Ceriodaphnia dubia Water flea Add species to Part 2 F2005L00303 - 16/02/2005
Ara rubrogenys Red-fronted Macaw Add species to Part 2 F2005L00258 - 14/02/2005
Cheilinius undulatus Humphead Wrasse Remove from the family listing on Part 1 and add the specific listing under Part 2 F2006B01108 - 22/12/2004
Pteropus vampyrus malaccensis Malayan Flying Fox Add species to Part 2 F2006B01107 - 15/12/2004
Chamaeleo calyptratus Veiled Chameleon Add species to Part 2 F2006B01106 - 27/10/2004
Saimiri boliviensis Bolivian Squirrel Monkey Add species to Part 2 F2006B01105 - 27/10/2004
Colobus guereza Black and White Colobus Add species to Part 2 F2006B01104 - 27/10/2004
Tateurndina ocellicauda Peacock Gudgeon Add species to Part 1 F2006B01103 - 15/09/2004
Leuciris fimbriaria Geometrid Moth Remove from Part 2 with conditions and add to Part 1 F2006B01102 - 15/09/2004
Eretmocerus hayati Wasp Add species to Part 1 F2006B01101 - 25/08/2004
Pyxicephalus adspersus adspersus African Bullfrog (southern subspecies) Add species to Part 2 F2006B01100 - 25/08/2004
Elaphe schrencki Russian Rat Snake Add species to Part 2 F2006B01099 - 11/8/2004
Crotalus lepidus Rock Rattlesnake
Tropidolaemus wagleri Wagler's Viper
Pygoscelis antarctica Chinstrap Penguin Add species to Part 2 F2006B01098 - 7/7/2004
Aptenodytes patagonicus King Penguin
Pygoscelis papua Gentoo Penguin
Python reticulatus Reticulated Python Add species to Part 2 F2006B01096 - 26/5/2004
Python molurus bivattatus Burmese Python
Tupinambis merianae Black and White Tegu Add species to Part 2 F2006B01095 - 14/4/2004
Corucia zebrata Solomon Islands Skink,
Prehensile Tailed Skink
Add species to Part 2 F2006B01093 - 31/3/2004
Hippocampus spp. Seahorses Remove from the family listing on Part 1 and add the specific listing under Part 2 F2006B01077 - 31/3/2004
Pseudopus apodus Scheltopusik Add species to Part 2 F2006B01094 -31/3/2004
Bombyx mori Mulberry Silkworm Add species to Part 1 F2006B01092 - 14/1/2004
Megachile rotundata Alfalfa Leaf Cutter Bee Correction (removal of conditions) F2006B01090 - 16/12/2003
Cometaster pyrula Cutworm Moth Remove conditions F2006B01089 - 3/12/2003
Trachypithecus francoisis Francois' Langur Add species to Part 2 F2006B01088 - 12/11/2003
Cervus alfredi Philippine Spotted Deer Add species to Part 2 F2006B01087 - 14/05/2003
Charidotis auroguttata Leaf Beetle Add species to Part 2 F2006B01076 - 12/03/2003
Motobdella montezuma Leech Add species to Part 2 F2006B01075 - 26/02/2003
Motobdella sedonensis Leech Add species to Part 2
Glossiphonia complanata Leech Add species to Part 2
Helobdella species Leech Add species to Part 2
Macropus eugenii eugenii Tammar Wallaby Add species to Part 2 F2006B01074 - 8/01/2003
Aceria genistae Gall Mite Removal of conditions to allow release F2006B01078 - 11/12/2002
Agonosoma trilineatum Jewel Bug Add species to Part 2 F2006B01073 - 16/10/2002
Mesoclanis magnipalpis Seed Fly Removal of conditions to allow release F2006B01072 - 16/10/2002
CITES listed plants   Clause added to Part 2 re listing of plants F2006B01071 - 25/09/2002
Pyrrhalta luteola Elm Leaf Beetle Add species to Part 2 F2006B01070 - 21/08/2002
First declaration of amendments   Spelling and taxonomic alterations F2006B11598 - 24/05/2002

Species rejected for inclusion on the list of specimens suitable for import

Scientific name Common name Date of minister's decision
Bombus terrestris large earth bumblebee 22 October 2008
Felis catus x Felis serval Savannah cat 30 July 2008
Pogona vitticeps inland bearded dragon 18 April 2008
Tridacna crocea, Tridacna derasa, Tridacna gigas giant clams 11 October 2007
Scleropages formosus Asian arowana 26 September 2007
Pygocentrus nattereri red piranha 6 September 2007
Mustela putorius ferret 12 January 2006
Streptopelia decaocto collared dove 30 November 2005
Chanos chanos milkfish 27 June 2005
Hypancistrus zebra a catfish 5 April 2005
Cichlasoma sp hybrid blood parrot cichlid 8 December 2004