How to amend the live import list - Text description for live import list: Figure 1

In summary, the process to amend the live import list is as follows:

  • Step 1
    1. Applicant submits to the Department application form and draft assessment report addressing standard Terms of Reference (ToR),
    2. Applicant submits to the Department application form and non-standard Terms of Reference (ToR).
      1. the Department publishes draft ToR on website for comment (10 days) and notifies stakeholders.
      2. the Department approves ToR
      3. Applicant prepares draft assessment report addressing ToR.
  • Step 2
    the Department reviews information
  • Step 3
    (IF APPLICABLE) Applicant revises draft report.
  • Step 4
    the Department publishes draft report on website (40 days), notifies stakeholders and invites comment from state departments.
  • Step 5
    the Department refers comments to applicant.
  • Step 6
    Applicant addresses comments and revises the assessment report
  • Step 7
    the Department reviews the final assessment report and undertakes a risk assessment.
  • Step 8
    the Department publishes its assessment on GovDex for further consultation with States.
  • Step 9
    the Department briefs the Minister.
  • Step 10
    Minister makes decision on amending the live import list (30 days).
  • Step 11
    If approved the Department: arranges to table the instrument before both houses of parliament for 15 sitting days; gazettes the instrument; and amends the live import list with conditions as approved.
  • Step 12
    Applications for import permits can then be made to the Department and Department of Agriculture - Biosecurity and will be granted on a shipment by shipment basis.

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