List of exempt native specimens (LENS)

Native specimens exempt from regulation


List of Exempt Native Specimens (LENS) as at 20 August 2015 (PDF - 1.05 MB)
List of Exempt Native Specimens (LENS) as at 20 August 2015 (DOC - 798.5 KB)

The list of exempt native specimens (LENS) is a list of native specimens that are exempt from export regulations.

That means that items on the list (in the exact form as listed and subject to conditions listed) may be allowed to be exported without a permit.

The list includes only specimens that are, or are derived from, Australian native plants and animals.

The exemption does not include live native animals or plants.

Understanding the list

  • The 'Taxon' column of the list includes the scientific name of the listed taxa. The structure of the list is described in more detail below.
  • The 'Common name' column of the list is included for information only-the scientific name determines if a species is included on the list.
  • Inclusion of a specimen on the list may be subject to conditions, which are included in the 'Notation' column. Only specimens satisfying these conditions will be exempt from export regulations.
  • For the purposes of this list the term 'personal baggage' refers to a personal effect within the personal baggage of a person who is leaving Australia, which is not intended to be used for any commercial purpose, including sale, lease, hire or exchange.

The exemptions do not include specimens that are eligible listed threatened species as defined in s303BC or specimens listed on an Appendix to CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Fauna and Flora), unless specifically listed at genus or species level, or noted in the Notation column.

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