Biological control agents

Guidelines for the import of live biological control agents

The processes for importing animal biological control agents are conducted by the Department of the Environment and the Department of Agriculture. Please read this information in conjunction with the Department of Agriculture guidelines:

Applicants must contact Plant Biosecurity, Department of Agriculture, to discuss their application before submitting an application to the Department of the Environment.

  • Phone: 02 6272 5094
  • Email:

Application to amend the live import list

An application to amend the live import list must be submitted prior to applying for a testing permit. The application form for amending the live import list can be found at:

Testing permits allow the importation of specimens into quarantine-approved facilities for conducting tests to obtain information for assessing potential impacts of the species on the Australian environment. A testing permit will only be issued if it can be demonstrated that the information cannot be obtained without conducting the tests in Australia.

A testing permit may allow a single consignment or multiple consignments of the species to be imported for testing over a period of six months.

Note: if the species is undescribed, or there is doubt about its taxonomy, a voucher specimen or specimens of the most readily identifiable stage must be lodged at a recognised institution (e.g. the Australian National Insect Collection or a State Agricultural Insect Collection or Museum) prior to permits being issued. Please provide the name of the species in the following form: Genus name, sp. 'collection location' (Institution, voucher specimen number).

Applicants will also need an import permit from Department of Agriculture prior to bringing the specimens into Australia.

Lodging your application

An application to amend the live import list, together with any supporting documents, may be faxed or emailed to the Department of the Environment in order to facilitate the processing of the application. Note that an application for a testing permit  will only be considered once the application to amend the live import list has been submitted to the department.

To apply for a testing permit please following the link below:

If you are unable to apply for a permit online – please contact this office to discuss an alternative method for submitting an application.

Wildlife Trade Regulation
Department of the Environment
Telephone: (02) 6274 1900